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Trip tips

There are many fun activities in the vicinity of our campsite and our guests can also take a salt marsh tour or cycling holiday from the campsite.

Round of salt marshes and Wad, from the campsite
Certified guides organize trips across the salt marshes and the Wad from the campsite. A circle is walked to the arbours and gullies. It is a hike of up to 8 km. and lasts about 3 hours, including intermission and explanation. The trip is very suitable for families with children and can always be shortened or extended in consultation, as far as the tide allows. Age indication is from 8 years old and a maximum of 12 participants can join. Date and time depend on the tides and availability of the guides. A tour can be organized on another day in consultation.
Download PDF here with more information, tour dates and contact details.

Culture and nature
Bordering the Wadden Sea, Pieterburen and surrounding places such as Eenrum, Kloosterburen, Leens and Winsum are popular for their wierden (terps) or dike buildings, centuries-old churches, proud mills and stately farms. During your stay in the village you should definitely visit the Petruskerk with the botanical garden Domies Toen and visit the Seal Center. The Groninger Landscape has set up the Visitor Center Waddenkust in the village, where you will find everything what you want to know about the Wadden Sea Region.

Mudflat hiking
Not far from Waddencamping Boetn Toen, beyond the high sea dike, stretches a unique nature reserve: the Unesco World Heritage Wadden Sea. Sailed by ships at high tide, entered by mudflat walkers at low tide. Wadlopen is an experience, where the evening light and the sunset on the mudflats are especially beautiful. You can sign up for a large mudflat hike on the Wad or a crossing to an island. It is also possible to make a nocturnal mudflat hike, an adventurous mudflat hike or even an exclusive ramble for your own group of more than 12 people. There are two major providers for mudflat hiking in Pieterburen, Stichting Wadloop Centrum Pieterburen and Dijkstra mudflat hiking tours. The program of the tours depends on the tide table and the availability of guides. After walking the mudflats, it is great to relax and recover at the campsite. Have a nice chat by the campfire while enjoying a well-deserved snack and drink. Cycling and walking
Located on the Wad, Waddencamping Boetn Toen is not only the starting point for mudflat hiking, but the beautiful, cultural-historical landscape is ideal for exploring the area by bicycle or on foot. Camping Boetn Toen has put together a number of beautiful walking and cycling routes which are available free of charge at the reception. Pieterburen is also the start or end point of the Pieterpad to the Pietersberg in Limburg for walkers and Fietserspad to Belgium for cyclists. Furthermore, the walkers of the Pronkjewailpad walk through Pieterburen and the cyclists of Kiek over Diek and North Sea Cycle also come together in the village. It is possible to rent bicycles in the village at Waddenhoes Guesthouses and the reception of Hotel Waddenweelde. There are also a few rental bicycles at the campsite. Water sports and mudflat fishing
The so-called Groninger Maren (old mudflats) are ideal for a canoe trip. From the campsite it is a few minutes' walk to the kayak pier in the Pieterbuurstermaar. At café De Hoornstertil in Wehe-Den Hoorn you can rent 'quiet' motor boats. For boat trips on the Lauwersmeer and the Wadden Sea, you can contact Waddencruises. Or go mudflat fishing with a dragnet on the ZK9 Antonia. The crew of this fishing cutter from Zoutkamp is happy to take you on a unique Wadden Sea adventure.

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